Parents Can't Say No To This Girl's Brilliantly Worded Request For The One Thing She Wants This Christmas

This girl just wants one thing for Christmas, and she's doing everything she can to get it.

Her mum uploaded a photo to Imgur of the girl's Christmas list, which shows just how much effort she's gone to prove to her mum she really, really wants a cat.

In 16 different languages including English, German, Russian, Chinese and Turkish the girl writes: cat.

The girl's mum revealed the reason her daughter is so desperate for a cat for Christmas on Reddit.

She wrote: "We lost both of our cats, she really misses them…

"Cat #1 ate something and it got stuck in his intestines. Cat #2 ran away, it’s been about two months.

"Husband says he will leave if I get a cat. Looks like we are getting a cat. Less work than the husband."

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