25/12/2015 03:41 GMT | Updated 21/12/2017 08:53 GMT

18 Things It's Only Acceptable To Do On Christmas Day

On Christmas day strange things happen, things that you'd never ever in a million years do at any other point throughout the year.

For example, you gorge quadruple the amount you usually would. You start drinking booze at ridiculous o'clock.

You wear a new outfit that you've bought especially for the occasion, even though you're not going to leave the house.

Get the picture? Here's a list of things it's (somehow) totally acceptable to do on Christmas day...

Get up super early and act like a child.

Don a totally hideous Christmas jumper.

Drink booze before 10am.

Text the entirety of your phone book the same message.

Listen to the cheesiest Christmas songs on repeat.

Eat a lifetime's supply of chocolate. Before breakfast.

Cook a gazillion sides to go with your turkey.

Put bacon with EVERYTHING.

Set fire to dessert.

christmas pudding fire

Eat until you can't stand.

Compare food babies with friends.

Laugh at your own cracker jokes.

Have multiple naps.

Watch back-to-back Christmas films.

Get overly competitive at board games.

Play charades. And fail miserably.

Get back into your PJs at 5pm.

Eat shit loads of cheese before bed.

Crash by 8pm.

And wait another year to do it all over again.