Shocking Climate Change Pictures Show What London And New York Could Look Like In The Future

As an unprecedented number of world leaders meet in Paris to discuss climate change, these pictures show how cities across the globe will drastically change if temperatures continue to rise.

The pictures, created by Nickolay Lamm and based on Climate Central’s sea level map data, show the possible consequences of 4°C warming and 2°C warming.

Scientists say that, on its current path, the world could see an increase in global warming by 4°C. The longstanding international target is a warming of 2°C.

The images below are projections based on a report compiled by Benjamin Strauss and Scott Kulp of Climate Central, an independent organisation of leading scientists and journalists covering changing climate.

The report states: "Carbon emissions causing 4°C of warming - what business-as-usual points toward today - could lock in 6.9 to 10.8 metres of global sea level rise, enough to submerge land currently home to 470 to 760 million people.

"Aggressive carbon cuts resulting in 2°C warming, the well-established international target, could bring the numbers as low as 3.0 metres and 130 million people."

The images show how these cities could look post-2100, based on our actions in this century.

More than 180 countries have pledged to cut or curb their emissions, but scientists say much bigger reductions are needed to limit man-made warming of the Earth to 2°C over pre-industrial times, the internationally agreed-upon goal.

The talks in Paris are due to run through until December 11.

The aim is to introduce a tougher and broader replacement to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which only required rich countries to cut their emissions.

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