Three Daughters Pay Touching Tribute To Late Father By Leaving Beer For A Stranger

Three anonymous daughters have tugged on the internet's heartstrings by leaving a can of beer for a stranger to drink in their dad's memory.

The beer was accompanied by a note, which was left by "three grateful daughters" on what would've been their dad's birthday.

The letter asked a stranger to drink a beer in memory of their father, Steve.

It reads: "Dear stranger. Today our dad would have been 61! Please enjoy this beer and say a 'Cheers' to Steve."

The note and can of beer was left on a bench overlooking the sea.

Imgur user 'onetracksystem' took a photo of the note and shared it on the image sharing site. It has since been viewed almost 940,000 times.

Fellow Imgur users flocked to comment on the post, sharing stories about how thankful they are for their own fathers.

One person wrote: "My dad is 61... I can't imagine losing him before now. Shit I can't imagine losing him ever."

While another added: "My dad'll be 60 in a month and less than a day, so seeing this, I'm like 'I used to think that's old! He's too young to die!'"

Some even shared their own stories of loss.

One wrote: "My mom would've been 62 on Thanksgiving Day this year. It is so incredibly painful... This is my first year without her."

While another added: "Mine was 65. It was alarming how suddenly it happened. If you've not had a family bonding thing lately do yourself a favour and make time."