Lady C Forced To Quit The ‘I'm A Celebrity' Jungle On ‘Medical Grounds', Latest Viewer Vote Cancelled


The socialite was forced to leave the jungle on ‘medical grounds’ on Tuesday, an update on the ITV website confirms.

Lady C

Lady C reportedly left the camp shortly after Chris Eubank was voted off, when she was reunited with her son Dima at the swanky Versace hotel, where the other axed campmates are all staying.

"Security were searching around for onlookers as they didn't want anyone to see her.

"She looked her usual chirpy self and was laughing and joking with the security guards.

"She was led through the hotel very quickly and taken to a private room.

"Dima was called over by producers and ran over to the car immediately. He was shocked to see her."

As a result of her unexpected departure, the latest viewer vote has been cancelled.

Lady C completed a number of trials during her time in the camp

The 66-year-old has divided viewers - and her fellow campmates - since the latest series of the jungle-based show began thanks to her hilarious one-liners and acid tongue.

During the series she managed to rub almost all of the other contestants up the wrong way, with Yvette Fielding branding her a “rude horrible woman”.

She also had a blazing row with Spandau Ballet star Tony Hadley after he labelled her 'cruel' for putting a jungle beetle in the fire.

Unsurprisingly, she was unimpressed with his comments, bluntly responding: “You are a pretentious piece of shit and I’ve had enough of you, if you say one more word, I am going to take it further, I’ve had enough of you.

“You are a misogynistic bully. You are a chippy oik and I’ve had a belly full of you.”

Another clash with Tony resulted in Lady C refusing to complete any more bushtucker trials, declaring that she wouldn't be doing anything more to help the campmates, after he and Jorgie Porter refused to wait on her, when they were ordered to do as a forfeit for losing a challenge.

During the most recent episode of the show, she clashed with Duncan Bannatyne, in an argument that centred around emu poo.

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