03/12/2015 06:29 GMT | Updated 03/12/2015 06:59 GMT

Caroline Flack Kisses Olly Murs In Instagram Snap From Cosmopolitan Awards (PIC)

Olly Murs and Caroline Flack seem to spend more time telling people that they’re just friends than talking about, y'know, their actual 'X Factor' job but they’ve now set tongues wagging once again.


Despite repeatedly insisting there’s nothing going on between them, they were photographed locking lips at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women Of The Year awards on Wednesday night.

Caroline shared the snap on her Instagram page, showing the presenting duo posing together in a photo booth at the event.


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But while the first three photos were a bit more tame, the last playful shot saw them sharing a kiss, while Caroline posed with her Ultimate TV Personality award.

However, Olly is still adamant that there’s nothing going on between them, admitting to Digital Spy on the red carpet that he’s fed up of rumours about the nature of their relationship.

He said: “We get bored of always getting asked the same question. I don't know why we always get it every week, every month for the last three or four years - we're just best mates. Simple as that.”

Last month, Caroline said that she and Olly had a “weird” relationship, also confessing it “wasn’t totally platonic”.

She explained: “We have the innate understanding of one another – we don't fancy each other and yet we don't not fancy each other.

"We're not girlfriend and boyfriend, yet we're not totally platonic either.”

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