Apple's iPhone 7 Might Lose The Traditional Headphone Jack

The Apple iPhone 7 might not be like any other iPhone before it, and that's because it might (and this is a big might) not come with a headphone jack.

According to Japanese tech site macotakara, Apple is considering abandoning the hardware in favour of headphones that would use the iPhone's Lightning port on the bottom.

It might sound crazy but actually it would allow them to do more, Lightning headphones can be powered by the iPhone allowing for better sound quality and even software updates.

Of course there is one big negative, which is that almost all headphones use the traditional 3.5mm analogue input. It shouldn't really come as a surprise that Apple's even considering an alternative, the 3.5mm jack is based on a technology that was first trialled in the 19th century.

Apple would also be able to monopolise the audio market with a range of headphones that would exclusively work with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

It's a far-fetched idea lets be clear, and as with all of the rumours surrounding Apple's next iPhone it should be taken with a dumper truck of salt.

That said, a thinner iPhone with a larger battery and no headphone jack wouldn't actually be the end of the world now would it.