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‘EastEnders' Christmas Spoilers: Stacey Branning Gives Birth - Will Martin Fowler Find Out The Truth? (PICS)

Stacey Branning is set to welcome her baby boy this festive season, and in typical ‘EastEnders’ Christmas style, the tot will make a dramatic arrival.


The action begins in the days running up to Christmas, and viewers will see Stacey and Kush preparing to tell their families the truth, admitting that Kush is the father of the baby, and not Martin.

Stacey's waters break

However, when Shabnam receives some upsetting news, her husband has a change of heart, and decides not to tell her the devastating truth.

As Christmas - and Stacey’s due date - draws closer, the tension rises and as Shabnam starts to grow distant from Kush, her friend is left wondering whether she has worked out something is going on.

Things aren’t much better between Martin and Stacey, who disagree over Stacey’s worsening relationship with Shabnam, but their discussions come to an end when Stacey’s waters break.

After being given the all-clear and sent home by the hospital, Stacey prepares to attend the nativity play where - of course - she goes into labour.

He's here!

However, as the baby arrives, one Walford resident is set to figure out what’s going on - but who could it be?

Bosses are keeping tightlipped on how Christmas Day will pan out, but they have revealed that the baby won't be the only unexpected arrival, as Kat's set to turn up to.

Look who's ba-ack!

but we think it would be wise to prepare for some upset. It’s ‘EastEnders’ after all...

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