Holy Bible Versus Holy Quran 'Dit Is Normaal' Experiment Casts Light On Prejudice

A revealing social experiment in Holland has judged people's responses to Christian Bible passages when they're presented as being part of the Quran.

In an effort to highlight the extent to which we generalise our perceptions of Islam whilst being ignorant to the extremities of Christianity, the duo behind viral Youtube channel Dit Is Normaal hid Old Testament passages in a book labelled "Holy Quran".

Sacha Harland and Alexander Spoor placed a false cover on a newly-purchased bible and read out some of the text's most extreme lines.

People reacted to Bible scripture presented as the Quran

"If two men sleep with each other they will both have to be killed," taken from Leviticus 20:13, provoked an especially fearsome reaction from those hearing the passages.

As well as Timothy 2:12's: "I do not allow a woman to teach" and Deuteronomy 25:12's "You shall cut off her hand."

"If you reject my commands and abhor my laws you will eat the flesh of your own sons... and the flesh of your own daughters," another passage read.

The revelation surprised people

Upon being told that the phrases came from the Christian Bible and not the Holy Quran, those taking part in the informal experiment reacted with surprise.

"It's all just prejudice really, I always try not to be prejudiced myself but apparently I already am," one man said.

While one woman reflected: "Of course I’ve heard Bible stories when I was young and I went to a Christian school, but I really had no idea this was in there."

Watch the video in full above.