New York Daily News Takes Aim At NRA And Gun Control Critics With Bold Front Page

A tabloid newspaper which took controversial editorial stances over the recent mass-shooting in San Bernardino has once again inflamed tempers with its latest front page tackling gun control laws in the US.

The New York Daily News, the fourth most widely circulated daily paper in the States, sniped at gun lobbyists with a strong rebuttal to those it had offended with previous front pages.

Its Monday edition was emblazoned with a sarcastic note addressed to: "all those who have been offended by hearing the truth about our nation's gun scourge and the NRA [National Rifle Association] and cowardly pols who think nothing's wrong."

This week's NY Daily News front page

The message from editors was that "everything is awesome".

A row of puppies also featured, accompanied with the caption: "Oh, & [Obama] sez we will 'destroy Isis' - feel better now?"

The paper's Twitter account carried a post featuring the striking splash, which garnered 2,400 re-tweets and emotional messages of support from readers.

Monday's front page follows two similar ripostes to second-amendment protectionists who continue to oppose reform to gun ownership regulation in the light of recent attacks on a social services in California which saw 14 people killed.

The Daily News outraged firearms holders by labelling all those responsible for recent mass shootings as “terrorists” alongside the head of the NRA.

Editors suggested a common trait among those responsible for a number of high casualty shootings and compared their actions with the role of rifle association chief Wayne LaPierre.

It also carried a headline the day after last week's shooting proclaiming: "God isn't fixing this," accompanied by tweets from US politicians offering their prayers in sympathy for the victims.

But Daily News editors are often unafraid to call attention to gun violence in provocative ways.

In August they published graphic images of the shooting of two Virginia journalists, a decision that many readers condemned.