Students From Durham University Are Actually Holding A Funeral For Education

Students From Durham Are Actually Holding A Funeral For Education

Students at Durham University are to stage a 'Funeral for Accessible Education' on Tuesday, complete with eulogies and a shrine.

The protest comes after it was announced that college accommodation prices at the university are to increase by 3.5%, bringing them to £7,000 per year.

Tom Barker, a member of the Trevelyan College Left Society, said: "Durham University is not listening to its student body. Therefore we are going to mourn the education that many can no longer afford."

Protestors in London during a protest against education cuts and tuition fees earlier this year

This protest is just one of many that have taken place over the last year.

Students are also worried this will increase private rent in the local area, and discourage poorer students from attending the university.

Jasmine Simms, secretary for the society, said: "[The fees] are way above the maximum student loan. This has also had an effect on the rents charged by private landlords to both living-out students and locals, raising the cost of living for many people in Durham."

The university has also come under fire recently for raising international student fees by £2,000 after action last year to freeze fees whilst students are studying.

The 'funeral' will involve a procession though Durham, with eulogies from students and a shrine to accessible education.

The aim of the protest, organised by the Trevelyan College Left Society, is to put pressure on the university to agree to a two year freeze in college fees, and to consult the whole student body before changing costs.

Barker added: "The fee rises are contrary to claims from the university that it fosters diversity and offers value for money."

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