Owen Jones Urges Media To Stop Labelling Online Trolls As Left-Wing Corbyn Supporters In YouTube Video

Political commentator Owen Jones has hit out at those who politicise online abuse amidst claims that "left-wing" trolls are representative of the entire Labour party and even Jeremy Corbyn.

"The idea that a bunch of unhinged, frothing at the mouth, Corbynite mobs are descending on social media and bullying anyone who has the tenacity to disagree with their hard left ideology - that is basically the gist of the story at the moment.

"[And] the idea Jeremy Corbyn is somehow responsible for a bunch of people he's never met, seems rather farfetched to me," he said in the YouTube video.

Owen Jones has hit out at people who politicise online abuse

The Guardian columnist compared the political presence of online threats using the Conservative alleged bullying scandal as an example:

"The reason I find this a little bit distasteful as a narrative in the media at the moment is - Conservative Future - the youth wing of the Conservative party is embroiled in a scandal at the moment.

"The so called 'Tatler Tory" Mark Clarke - and the Conservative Future executive have had to resign because of these bullying claims in which Elliott Johnson a young Conservative tragically killed himself.

"That should be a bigger scandal than it actually is - and yet there is this focus on the idea of the left being this bunch of horrible bullies."

He also called out Tory MP Lucy Allan for adding a death threat to an angry email she'd received from an anti-war constituent:

"I think online abuse is being politically abused at the moment... a little bit. Let me give you an example. There's a Conservative -MP Lucy Allan - and what she did was post on her Facebook page a supposed abusive email she got from - presumably - someone on the left.

"She put at the end that he'd written 'Unless you die' [and] it turns out Lucy Allan added those three words - that constituent never said it and I don't know why this is not more of a scandal."

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