Best Positions For Giving Birth: Midwife Explains How To Reduce Pain And Help Baby Move

If you're giving birth for the first time, knowing which positions could potentially reduce pain and help your baby move through your pelvis is a great way to prepare.

Midwife Michelle Hicks-Molligan talks through some of the best positions in the video above.

She said the most important thing to remember is while there are various positions you can adapt to, it's important to find a position you're most comfortable with.

"Upright positions are best," she explained.

"They relieve pressure from your back, help you cope better with pain, align the baby in the right position, help to open up your pelvis and also gravity helps the baby move."

Hicks-Molligan said some women opt to use props such as birthing stools, chairs, birthing pools or leaning on their partner.

She said a good way to prepare for birth is to practise different positions so you can get an idea of what's comfortable.

She said: "If you practise, it will be easier for you to get into the position when it's the real thing.

"Try squatting and kneeling on a bed or on the floor with your partner near.

"Drugs may alter your positions when you are giving birth, but a midwife will be there to assist you in a comfortable position that is best for you and your baby."

To find out more about the best positions for giving birth, watch the video above.

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