Hangover Cures That Actually Work: They'll Have You Feeling Spiffing Again In No Time

If you're still nursing a sore head from the weekend then firstly, we salute you for partying hard and secondly, we know a way to stop this from happening ever again. Listen up...

Introducing six awesome hangover cures that actually work. Plus, a lot of these can be found around your house and don't require a special trip to the supermarket.

Sit back, relax and let these miracle cures work their magic.


Nutritionists And Experts Reveal Their Top Hangover Cures

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:: One of the main reasons you feel as rough as a bear’s backside right now is because you’re dehydrated. Aim to drink water during your night of partying and if you don’t (which, let's face it, is most likely) make sure you drink plenty the following morning.

:: Ditch the sports drinks in favour of coconut water. It gives you the electrolytes without all of the artificial stuff.

:: Vegetable juice is also pretty magical for bringing back the vitamins and nutrients that your body desperately needs.

:: Avoid greasy foods because they'll just give you heartburn and make you feel even more crappy. The whole thing about greasy food soaking up alcohol only applies if you eat it before you have a shed load.

:: Instead, stick to food that’s easy to digest such as eggs, toast and bananas. The potassium in bananas will help to make you feel good.

:: Finally, knock back a couple of ibuprofen tablets to relieve headache. Avoid anything with Acetaminophen in as this messes with your liver and that poor organ of yours has already been through enough...

Happy hangover New Year!

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