Katie Hopkins Shut Down By Andrew Neil As She Can't Name A Single Area Of Britain Where 'Authorities Have Lost Control'

Controversial columnist Katie Hopkins has made an extraordinary appearance on today's BBC Daily Politics, attempting to lend support to Donald Trump after he proposed a ban on Muslims entering the US.

During the face off with presenter Andrew Neil the pair repeatedly clashed over Hopkins' Mail Online column on Muslims in Britain.

Neil quoted her article and posed Hopkins a simple question: "We've gone too far in terms of the Muslim population and I quote 'we've lost control of vast swathes of our country' - where are these vast swathes?"

Katie Hopkins has made an extrodinary appearance on Daily Politics

A somewhat flustered Hopkins could only reply: "There are plenty of places in the UK that other people can tell you - that I can tell you - that I would not walk through. I don't think its legally accurate to actually name certain areas, I think there's been some legal issues around that," she said.

Neil did not accept the response and shut down Hopkins with a repeat of his question: "No there's no legal issues - name the areas - tell us where the vast swathes are?" he quipped.

Hopkins hit back: "Andrew if you didn't talk so much I might be able to darling" before still not answering the question: "I do think if I was to walk through certain areas of our population where over 90% of people are Muslim - I wouldn't fare too well and I think my friends in the Jewish communities have also found that they have been spat at, they've been shouted at, they are intimidated. " she added.

Neil again persistently interrupted her rant and said: "Let me ask you one more time - let me ask you one more time. Give me one example of a vast swathe of country where we - the authorities - have lost control?"

But Hopkins' claims around areas with a Muslim population of over 90% are not borne out by the facts.

The 2011 census found the highest proportion of Muslims residing in a local authority area to be well below nine out of ten residents.

Some 34.5% of those living in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets identified as followers of Islam, making it the area with the highest percentage Muslim population, according to the ONS.

Elsewhere, Neil prised apart Hopkins' argument that the US billionaire had shown "true leadership" in proposing the Muslim ban, by getting the columnist to admit she didn't actually support Trump's controversial plan.

There was also an early accusation of BBC bias from Hopkins, provoking Neil to employ rapid rebuttal.

"I'm actually, personally a little tired of your BBC bias which of course keeps telling us that most people support banning Trump from the UK but actually it's only 500,000 clicking on a mouse," she said.

Neil quickly interjected to ask: "When did I say most people are in favour of banning him?"

"Well you went through a long list didn't you, Boris Johnson, people clicking on a petition," Hopkins responded.

Neil responded: "I have no evidence of the views of most British people."

While also exposing a fatal flaw in her support for Trump's Muslim ban. Hopkins' appearance on the BBC's 'Daily Politics' came after she wrote of her admiration for Trump's "true leadership" in announcing his plan, despite not agreeing with it herself.

On Thursday, Trump thanked "respected columnist" Hopkins for her support, saying she has provided "powerful writing on the UK's "Muslim problems".

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