Pig Who Jumped Off Truck Going To Slaughterhouse Gives Birth To Nine Healthy Piglets

A pregnant pig who jumped from a moving truck that was taking her to a slaughterhouse has given birth to nine healthy piglets after being rescued by Animal Place, a sanctuary for abused farm animals.

Proud sow Rita was picked up off Highway 50 in California and taken to Sacramento County Animal Shelter where she gave birth. When no one came to claim her, she was taken to Animal Place, a 600 acre sanctuary for former farm animals.

"The piglets are thriving under Rita’s gentle care," Animal Place said in a blog post. "They enjoy special heat lamps at night and frolicking outside with mama during the day. Watching them grow, enjoy life — all under the watchful eye of their mom – is heartwarming."

But why did she jump? Did Rita know she was headed to a bacon factory? Animal Place says yes. According to their experts, pigs are smart enough to tell when they're being taken to the slaughter.

Here's a little bit more footage of Rita and her adorable offspring: