Adorable Baby Girl's Laugh Sounds Exactly Like Nelson Muntz From The Simpsons

This Baby's Laugh Sounds Exactly Like Nelson From The Simpsons

This six-month-old baby might be too young to watch The Simpsons, but we think she's already found her favourite character.

Baby Jos was taking a bath while her mum Leslie was trying to make her laugh.

But instead of a little giggle like her mum expected, Jos let out a loud "ha ha" just like Nelson Muntz, the school bully from The Simpsons.

The video had been viewed more than 177,000 times within two days of being uploaded on Youtube on 12 December.

Mum Leslie wrote: "We couldn't keep it together, it was too hysterical. Thankfully we caught it on video. She ended up doing it three times."

If you need a comparison, listen to the short clip below of the real Nelson doing his laugh.

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