Man's Secret Santa Request Is So Blatant It's Brilliant

There are two types of people in life: those who haven't got a clue about what they want for Christmas and those who know exactly what they want.

Scott sits firmly in group B.

On a Secret Santa request form, the witty so-and-so decided to take no chances when it came to revealing what he wanted for Christmas.

In answer to every single question on the form, Scott revealed what he wants most of all... A $20 gift card.

The funny photo was posted to Reddit by user 'anti_climax' with the caption: "Scott made it easy again this year."

According to 'anti_climax', Scott posted a similar request last year, but for $15 gift cards instead. His blatant request seemed to work wonders for him as he received three gift cards - two empty ones and another worth $15.

This year it appears that Scott has gotten a little bit greedy. However we can't help but admire his spirit.

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