Muslim Man Riaz Khan Explains Why Muslims Don't Want To Ban Christmas

All genuine headlines from right-wing websites. And all slightly wide of the mark.

To reiterate this point, Riaz Khan has once again taken to Facebook (his ire was most recently directed against Donald Trump) to set the record straight.

The English as a foreign language tutor at Leicester's De Montfort University, eloquently and hilariously explains why Muslims have absolutely no reason to be offended by Christmas - in fact quite the opposite.

A message for those who think Muslims are offended by Christmas. Do we want to ban Christmas?

Posted by Riaz Khan on Monday, December 14, 2015

"It's that time of year again when you have all the idiots coming out to say Muslims want to ban Christmas and Muslims are offended by Christmas," he says.

"How can any Muslim be offended by Santa Claus? Look at him. Spot the difference."

Khan then goes on to list the reasons the festive period is actually a bonus - halal Turkey being right up there.

He finishes with a message for Britain First: "Leave it out you mugs."