Mick Jagger's Son James Recruits Rolling Stone Mick Taylor To Save The Oceans With Project O's Concert This Evening - And You Can Join In Online.

The son of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall has seemingly inherited his parents' can-do spirit.

James Jagger is the spokesperson for global marine conservation fundraising organisation Project O, and this week recruited a roll-call of musical stars and familiar faces including Cara Delevingne to come out for his cause.

Cara Delevingne spoke passionately about the need for us all to contribute to the welfare of our oceans

Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood and Mick Taylor were the surprise guests on stage, along with artists including The Strypes, Hidden Charms and Will Heard, at London's Scala on Wednesday evening, for a concert to raise much-needed funds for the charity's work, all aimed at creating zero pollution, zero unprotected oceans, and zero overfishing.

And James spoke at the event, along with an impassioned Cara Delevingne - watch them in action above...

Project 0 aims to put 30% of the ocean under protection by 2030, as well as funding innovative conservation strategies that will have rapid and much needed positive impact on the ocean.

You can watch the concert online and donate to the project here. James Jagger spoke to HuffPostUK this week about his passion for this project, and what words of advice his famous parents have given him along the way...

When was your first interest sparked in the oceans and their importance?

I've always had a fascination with the ocean from a young age but I think it really started as a teenager when I began to dive and surf.

James Jagger spoke knowledgeably about where the funds will go to reach the charity's aim of zero pollution

With so many charities competing for our attention, why this one?

Well we think the ocean is very important and right now only 3% is protected. It's an incredible system which sustains the planet. The ocean is in trouble and it needs some help.

How long have you been a board member of Project O?

I've been working with (Michelle Clarke, board director) for around 3 years now; I've been on the board for about a year

What are the projects that will be funded by this concert?

There is the Lyme bay fisheries and conservation reserve. Which is a fantastic project here in the UK, forging a link between fisheries and conservation, which helps to create long term benefits for the community that lives around the bay as well as protecting the biodiversity of Lyme bay.

We will also hope to be able to fund the Grenville bay mangrove reforestation project in Grenada in the West Indies.

The last project funded by this concert will be the black fish which is a fantastic organisation which aims to end illegal overfishing.

Ronnie Wood rocked out for a good cause

How did you get folk like The Strypes, Ronnie Wood and Mick Taylor on board?

We've been working with the wonderful Oscar Tuttiet from Golden Voice.

With your famous parents, people will always be interested in what path you decided to take. How did you end up taking this one? With their guidance, or following your own head?

I Don't think I can't blame this on them.

What’s the best advice each of them has given you?

I guess tolerance and learning not to judge would be a good bit of advice from my mother, and I think the best advice my dad gave me was read your contracts and don't let any one take you for a ride

Are you tempted by music yourself?

Tempts me all the time. I'm tempted to listen to it loud in the car. It temps me to tickle the ivorys or twang a string. It tempted me into playing in a band for five years. I've fallen in and out of love with it many times but it will always be a temptress.

Tickets are on sale here. The show can also be streamed from Project 0’s website here: www.weareprojectzero.org

You can also text to donate just £3 to Project Zero by texting: WAVE33 and £3 to 70070