17/12/2015 12:46 GMT | Updated 17/12/2015 12:59 GMT

Annabis Bags Are Designed To Hide The Smell Of Weed

A designer bag specifically made for carrying a stash of marijuana? It's no longer just a pipe dream...

AnnaBis, ​pronounced 'annabee', have created a range of luxury Italian leather handbags designed to help you carry around your cannabis in style.

The bags are outfitted with secret compartments and "tiny little aroma-locking innovations", including airtight zippers and odour-blocking layers of resin, so you can "safely carry a stash of stinky French cheeses or your exotic greens".

They come in three styles: a small, pencil-shape case, a clutch, and a cross-body bag.

There are also plenty of additional compartments inside for storing smoking essentials like lighters and rolling papers.

Founders Jeanine Moss and Ann Shuch came acorss the idea a few years ago while out with friends and found themselves digging through their purses, trying to find their crumpled baggies and lighters for a smoke.

"We didn’t have anything fashionable and functional to carry our cannabis. That’s when the light went off," Moss told Mashable.


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