George Osborne 'Booed' At 'Stars Wars: The Force Awakens' Premiere In London

George Osborne was allegedly booed at the London premiere of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie.

The Chancellor and David Cameron were both present at the event in Leicester Square as director JJ Abrams and many of the cast attended the British opening.

Mr Abrams welcomed the Prime Minister, who was politely applauded, but Mr Osborne came under fire when he was praised by the movie director - for helping bring the Lucasfilm production to the UK.

At first there was some applause, but then a few boos and then more boos, onlookers claimed in the Evening Standard's Londoner's Diary.

The Times' Caitlin Moran, who was present for the premiere, tweeted her own reaction on Wednesday night.

Mr Osborne was famously booed during a ceremony at the London 2012 Paralympics, though he has since laughed off the incident.

Mr Osborne is such a fan of the Star Wars series that he visited the set during production and keeps light sabers from the latest film at the Treasury.

He said in 2013 that he was personally involved in ensuring Britain was the location for the new film series, partly through tax breaks and other support for the creative industries.

The Chancellor yesterday went out of his way to make a 'force' joke as he hailed the fact that Britain's actors and technicians had attracted Lucasfilm to the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn's most loyal Twitter account, @JeremyCorbyn4PM, has today tweeted its own version of how it sees the forces of good and evil in the political universe.

Although it didn’t use the phrase Return of the Jezi, it could have.

Alongside Corbyn as Obi Wan Kenobi are fellow Jedis Richard Burgon, Cat Smith, John McDonnell, Clive Lewis, Diane Abbott and Rebecca Long-Bailey.

Britain's film industry has undoubtedly benefited from the Treasury's backing, but not everyone is a fan of George Osborne being a Star Wars fan.

Labour MP Nick Brown's latest Christmas card depicts Osborne as a resurgent Thatcherite.

Meanwhile, plenty of politicians have been getting in on the Star Wars habit this week, as this card from Labour MP and Home Affairs Select Committee chairman Keith Vaz proved.