Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Donald Trump's New Children's Book

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Donald Trump's New Children's Book

Donald Trump was nice enough to stop by for Wednesday's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' - and didn't even get made fun of that much.

The Republican frontrunner spent most of his time defending his policies on Muslims and Mexicans, citing his "great relationship with the Hispanics" and his "Muslim friends" who support his plans. But Jimmy managed to slip in a little bit of fun towards the end...

Citing the 12 books Trump has written, Jimmy decided to see what it would be like if he wrote a children's book.

Pulling out a "Dr Seuss"-style book, the late-night host began to read out rhyming segments relating to Trump's many recurring soundbites and catchphrases.

Here's an extract from "Winners Aren't Losers":

Winners aren't losers, they're winners like me.

A loser's a loser, which one will you be?

Winners do deals, and winners get rich,

while sad little losers just sit there and bitch.

This dog is a loser and frankly I pity it,

The dog did bad deals.

This dog is an idiot.

And poor Mr. Bear, he must feel like a loser,

Valeting that 2006 PT Cruiser.

This lobster's a loser, throw him in the pot.

I like a lobster who doesn't get caught.

Particular kudos goes to Jimmy for the line "here are some frogs I do not like at all, we must kick these frogs out, and then build a wall".

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