World War Three Will Be A Cyberwar And Isis Could Win Warns Security Expert John McAfee

A Cyber WW3 Is Coming And There's A Chance Isis Could Win. Apparently.

World war three will be a cyberwar in which Islamic State (IS) could beat the West as we are utterly defenceless, a security expert has claimed.

John McAfee, famous for developing an anti-virus computer programme, made his doomsday predictions in an article he wrote for the International Business Times.

In it, he explains how the West, writing about America more specifically, is woefully unprepared for a full scale cyberwar.

"This level of incompetence should be extremely troubling to any American for two reasons: our level of dependence on networked computers and the likelihood that the next major war will be a cyberwar," he wrote.

"No one can predict the future. We can make educated guesses or, more prudently, explore the different possibilities and scenarios. And for a scenario of cyberwar we are woefully unprepared – one could even say defenceless."

Criticising our current tactics of fighting "the enemy" using physical weapons, he said: "What good will tanks, planes and missiles be if you cannot locate the enemy to engage them?

"And what will the outlook be for us as the enemy takes down massive pieces of our infrastructure at will, without ever setting foot on our shores?"

McAfee cited three main groups who appear to have perfected their "weaponised computing" programmes.

"Islamic State (Isis) may pay lip service to a medieval lifestyle, but they have no difficulty using unencrypted social media tools like Twitter to communicate and recruit new members," he explained.

"China and North Korea have massive programs devoted to weaponized computing. These programs have massive budgets and access to talent that has trained on computers from a young age."

Concluding his worrying predictions he went on to say that we are living in a "doomsday machine of our own design."

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