The Worst Day To Have A Birthday Has Been Revealed (And It's Not Christmas Day!)

The worst day to have a birthday has been revealed and, much to our surprise, it's not the 25 December.

According to a study of 2,000 people, the worst day to celebrate one's birthday is 16 December because it's relatively close to Christmas and people are too skint to celebrate with you, let alone fork out on decent gifts.

Those who were born on the 16th are also more likely to receive a birthday gift wrapped in Christmas-themed wrapping paper. Fail.

The survey by Interflora found that those born in winter months were the most unhappy about their date of birth - with December babies being the most disgruntled followed by January and November.

Nearly a third of people celebrating their birthdays in December said their special day gets frequently overlooked because of Christmas and complain of their presents being wrapped in Christmas paper.

Those celebrating in January suffered similar fates, with 39% receiving presents bought in the sales, a sixth receiving ‘recycled’ Christmas gifts and almost a quarter having to forget their celebrations altogether as their friends had run out of money.

And don't even utter the words 'dry January'.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the happiest birthdays were celebrated in summer, with the best day to have a birthday falling on 28 July.

This is mainly down to the likelihood of good weather, its closeness to payday and the “feel-good” summer factor.

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