Snapchat Video Shows Reckless Driver Swapping Seats In A Moving Vehicle

There are somethings that should never be done, let alone filmed on Snapchat.

Swapping seats in a moving vehicle and leaving the driver's seat empty, is right at the top of this list.

However, this is exactly what happened when three guys apparently got into an Audi.

At the start of the clip, one of the passengers can be heard saying: “Yo. You know the car is moving, innit? This guy’s looking to swap seats with him.”

The driver then precariously steps over the gear stick to move to the back at which point, the guy holding the camera tells him: "Yo Ozzy, you takin' the p**s."

Unperturbed by the obvious danger he is putting everyone in, "Ozzy" continues his journey to the passenger seat.

Thankfully, the video ends with smiles all around.