Star Wars-Themed Photoshoot Tells Story Of 'Miracle' Baby' Who Was 'Able To Beat The Dark Side'

A "miracle baby" named Ezra took part in a Star Wars-themed photoshoot for a very touching reason.

Ezra's mum Amber Barlett, was told she wouldn't be able to have any more children after battling cancer and being diagnosed with a rare copper deficiency disease.

Barlett's sister, Trish McCoy, is a photographer and she decided to mark Ezra's birth with a series of Star Wars-themed photos to "mark the beginning of light after years of darkness in his mum's life".

"The idea of doing the shoot was my sisters," McCoy told HuffPost UK Parents.

"She is a huge Star Wars fan. She even got the baby's name Ezra from Star Wars and her baby shower was also a Star Wars theme too."

In a post titled "A Long, Long Time Ago, My Sister Was Told She Couldn’t Have Anymore Children", McCoy detailed Bartlett's battle with the rare illness.

After Bartlett's cancer went into remission, she was faced with a wave of new concerns. She had trouble moving her legs and was later diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called copper deficiency myeloneuropathy.

She now has to have twice weekly infusions of copper.

With her medical history, doctors told Bartlett her chances of having another baby were very unlikely.

However 11 years later, Barlett fell pregnant with her "miracle" baby.

Doctors weren't sure how to regulate Bartlett's copper infusions without harming the baby and she spent much of the pregnancy on bed rest.

She was told to "prepare for the worst".

McCoy wrote: "Overcoming the dark side and beating all the odds, this little Jedi came into this world with 10 fingers, 10 toes and a lightsaber at hand.

"Doctors said he may not be the healthiest due to my sisters' immune system being weakened.

"He was born with a few bumps in the road: jaundice, his lung not expanding as much as it should and a weakened immune system as well.

"This young Padawan is fighting all the battle droids and stormtroopers coming his way and winning every battle."

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