9 People To Follow On Twitter If You Want To Know More About The Refugee Crisis

2015 saw over a million migrants and refugees make their way to Europe, fleeing war, persecution and poverty.

Two refugee school children walk hand in hand at a camp in Dunkirk

The reasons for the huge movement of people are many and complex - as are the reactions of people in host nations worried about perceived effects on security and infrastructure.

Here are nine Twitter accounts to follow to help you gain a broader understanding...


2) Yannis Behrakis

3) Harry Leslie Smith

4) Charlotte Alfred

5) Peter Bouckaert

6) George Butler

7) MSF Sea

8) Patrick Kingsley

9) Fabio Bucciarelli

The chart above shows the the origin countries of the 19,196 people who claimed asylum in the UK from January to July of 2015.

Eritrea - 2,034 (10.5%)

Where U