Businessman Told Teen Builder To Vacate His Tube Seat As 'He Had A Better Job'

A teenager who works as a builder was left speechless after being told he should give up his seat on the tube to a businessman as he "had a better job".

Jamie Loveday was travelling home from work last week when he was approached by a man on a Victoria line train when it stopped at Green Park station.

The teen, who was dressed in his workwear after a day on site at the Adelphi Building in Westminster, said the businessman was a "well-spoken smartly-dressed man" between 40 and 50.

Jason Loveday refused to give up his seat for the presumptuous businessman

The businessman approached the teen, and told him to vacate his seat because he was the finance manager of an upmarket hotel, according to the Evening Standard.

Loveday told the paper: "I couldn't believe what I was hearing and said "excuse me" before saying no I wasn't going to give up my seat. Everyone's faces around me dropped.

"He muttered 'this is outrageous' and stormed off down the carriage before asking the same question to a Chinese girl who moved for him.

"He probably thought because he earns more money than me he could intimidate me. I was in my dusty clothes and he was in a Calvin Klein suit."

Loveday added: "It annoyed me that he.. was so arrogant to think he was better than me but I find it happens in London.

Recently, a woman was asked "where's the baby?" after claiming she was pregnant and needed a seat on the Tube. Mother-of-one Raayan Zafar said she was left "really, really embarrassed" after the confrontation on the Victoria Line Tube in Stockwell.

More controversy surrounded the London Underground after numerous female passengers were handed cards calling them fat and ugly.