Islamic State: 10 People To Follow On Twitter If You Want To Know More About The Terrorist Group

Of all the topics in the news in 2015, perhaps the most extensively debated has been the so-called Islamic State.

Their origins can be traced back all the way to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 but this year has seen them project their terrorising influence to the streets of Europe's cities.

Islamic State fighters marching in Raqqa

Although they recently suffered a defeat at the hands of the Iraqi army, they are certain to dominate headlines in 2016 so keep up to speed courtesy of these folk...

1) Will McCants

2) Andrew Hosken

3) J. M. Berger

4) Jessica Stern

5) Mike Giglio

6) Jason Burke


7) Nicolas Henin

8) Prospect Magazine

9) Robin Lustig

10) Charlie Winter