Russian Woman Believes She Was Photobombed By An 'Alien' After Posting Bizarre Selfie

A business woman has been thoroughly spooked out by a rather bizarre selfie she took on a plane.

Olesya Podkorytov, from the Russian city of Kurgan, took the picture aboard a passenger jet and claims she was photobombed by an "alien".

Well, she was either photobombed or it was Photoshopped.

Podkorytov reportedly didn't notice the "bizarre-looking image of a creature" until she had posted it on her social media page.

She told Central European News (CEN): "I uploaded the picture on my social media page, and then all the questions and comments hit me.

"Only after that I realised there was a bizarre-looking image of a creature..."

The shape she said, was humanoid and looked more like a large alien of the type normally shown in movies.

In fact, the "creature" was so close to what Hollywood has always imagined aliens to look like, that it also had a ray of light going through its head -- someone obviously knows their way around Photoshop.

A alien expert, Viktor Lunev, explained to CEN: "Pilots and stewards are very superstitious and maybe there is a reason.

"In my experience I have never encountered anything of that kind. Maybe we could explain it with reference to some of the basic laws of physics."