'And Then There Were None' Reaches Thrilling Climax, But All Everyone's Talking About Is Aidan Turner's Abs

Agatha Christie's ‘And Then There Were None’ reached a gripping conclusion on Monday (28 December) night, as viewers tuned in to find out who was behind the murders on the mysterious Soldier Island.

However, many fans were still transfixed by the sight of actor Aidan Turner’s impressive set of abdominal muscles, in the BBC's adaptation of the classic 'whodunit?' novel.

After sending the Twittersphere into meltdown the previous night, when his character Philip Lombard stripped down to just a towel, many were hoping for a repeat performance.

It is not the first time the actor’s rippling torso has got viewers in a tizz, however.

His turn as Ross Poldark in the new BBC adaptation of the 1970s drama earned him a new army of fans, thanks to many topless scenes, a reminder of which can be seen below.

Aidan recently confessed he was “inherently lazy” when it came to sculpting his body, and said he only got in shape for his role in ‘Poldark’

“I worked hard for six weeks, killing myself in the gym, watching what I eat and staying away from bad food,” he said. “But I would never, ever do all that if I wasn't prepping for a role. That's the only time it just happens.”

“I'm not like that now. I'm back to my usual soft self,” he added.

‘And Then There Were None’ was one of the biggest highlights on TV over the Christmas period, winning the Boxing Day ratings battle, with over six million people tuning into the first episode.

The full three-part series is available to watch on on BBC iPlayer.

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