Watch This Kid Prank His Dad Back After Eight Year Xbox Grudge

When this 16-year-old was pranked by his dad on Christmas Day, he never let him forget it.

Eight years later and he decided to take sweet revenge, much to the surprise of his unsuspecting father...

It all began back in 2007, when the teen was fooled into thinking he'd been given what he thought was an Xbox 360 for his birthday.

But as he removed the wrapping paper he realised it was something completely different - the box was filled with dirt and stones.

The brutal prank didn't end in tears though, and they gifted the teen a car instead.

But that didn't heal the wounds of the 16-year-old, and this year for Christmas, he finally took out his revenge.

In a scheme worked with his brothers, they decided to get their own back, once and for all.

The siblings placed a new Xbox in a box identical to the one eight years prior and watched as their dad peeled back the packaging.

His face soon turned a shade of white as he realised he'd been fooled back.

Although his son wasn't cruel, and left one of the consoles in his Fathers car.

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