Pregnant Weightlifter Hits Back At Pregnancy Exercise Critics: 'I'm Not Going To Hide Away From Bullies'

Pregnant Weightlifter Hits Back At Critics: 'I'm Not Going To Hide Away From Bullies'

Boxing Day Sesh with husband, Hayden and Christina at @crossfitdevour It was super hot so I stayed super hydrated, next to the fan and had a wet towel to keep my body temp low. Here's some of my squats, I did 6 sets of 5 Backsquats at 40kg. It felt good to have some weight on the bar today

A mum-to-be has responded to critics who called her "selfish" and "self absorbed" for continuing to lift weights throughout her pregnancy.

CrossFit trainer Revie Schulz, from Australia, posted the video above on Saturday 26 December showing her doing back squats while holding a 40kg barbell at six months pregnant.

Schulz was shocked when the video started to receive negative comments on social media and news sites that had picked up her story and she took to Facebook to share her frustration.

"In a time where all you need as a mum-to-be is love and support, it has blown my mind that I have had to defend myself now, more than ever," she wrote.

"Exercise does NOT hurt my baby, or me, but brazen, mean, uneducated comments do."

Schulz said the responses her posts about exercise during pregnancy have received would be enough to silence many.

"When I first fell pregnant I saw so many fitness influencers stop posting their exercises during their pregnancies and I was curious to know why," she wrote.

"Now, I know and I don't blame them. Because every single time I share a bit of my workout, I have to be ready for judgment and hurtful comments.

"I have to monitor the comments of my posts so that reading them hurts nobody. Because it's exhausting to have to constantly educate people. It is so offensive that people question my integrity, my intentions, with my baby.

Schulz consulted with her doctor before embarking on workouts during pregnancy to ensure she took any precautions necessary to protect the safety of her baby and herself.

"I have chosen to continue posting my fitness regime through pregnancy despite the negativity because it's what I believe to be best for my baby and myself," she wrote.

"I’m not going to hide away from bullies. I never have and I never will."

Schulz added that all women should have the right to "travel" through their pregnancy in any way they think best, without being judged by strangers.

"I have not once said anything negative about how other women choose to travel through their pregnancy because I wouldn’t question others integrity," she wrote.

"Even if it is something Im not 100% sure of, I am not one to pass judgment on your journey so why be so harsh on mine?"

Schulz also discussed her experience of being interviewed about her pregnancy fitness routine on a local radio station.

"I was teased and judged so badly I hung up and burst into tears from the comments that were made," she said before listing comments on a Daily Mail article about her.

"People have left comments such as, 'OMG how selfish are these cows not being able to give it a rest for a few weeks for the safety of their babies.'

"'Absolute self absorbed knuckleheads... If you're having a baby your child in your belly should always take priority over your figure, and if not then don't bother having one.'

"'No wonder the premature birth rate is climbing.'"

Thankfully, the comments haven't all been so hurtful, and Schulz has also taken to Facebook to thank commenters for their support.

"From the bottom of my heart thanks for every single one of your beautiful, supportive and encouraging comments today," she wrote on Tuesday 29 December.

"You all have given me strength and reassured the importance of this message.

"I'm sure my little coconut will be proud of all of this one day."

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