30/12/2015 05:23 GMT | Updated 30/12/2015 05:59 GMT

Guy Adds Ex-Girlfriends Into Whatsapp Group To Wish Them 'Merry Ex-mas', Some Find It Funnier Than Others

man sitting in public transport looking at phone.
Betsie Van Der Meer via Getty Images
man sitting in public transport looking at phone.

A guy has managed to piss off the majority of his ex-girlfriends, by adding them into a group Whatsapp message to wish them a 'Merry Ex-mas'.

For some unknown reason, Tom thought it would be a good idea to add four of his exes into the group, one of whom he'd supposedly cheated on with the other.

For three of them, it went down like a lead balloon. However one of them found it completely hilarious and he even managed to get a date out of it.

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