30/12/2015 05:42 GMT | Updated 30/12/2015 05:59 GMT

Hoverboard Priest Suspended By Catholic Diocese In Laguna, Philippines

A Catholic priest has been suspended after delivering a service whilst cruising on a hoverboard.

The clergyman, at the diocese of San Pablo in Laguna, Philippines, was captured singing a final blessing at a Christmas Eve mass last week in a video since posted to Youtube.

Diocese leaders posted a statement on Facebook confirming the decision to suspend the priest after the footage went viral across the social web.

hoverboard priest

The priest delivered the final blessing on the hoverboard

“As a way of greeting his parishioners, the priest sang a Christmas song, while going around the nave standing on a hoverboard,” it said, “that was wrong.”


Posted by NOVUS ORDO Insider on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The full rationale for the punishment is not clear the Guardian reported, although safety was not mentioned by the diocese in its statement.

floating priest

It is not known when the priest's suspension will be lifted

This is perhaps surprising, given the intense scrutiny of the devices which have become popular the world over, and which have sparked concerns over electrical safety.

A number of airlines now prohibit their carriage on flights, and Amazon issued a safety notice to its customers, alerting them to potential issues.

On Monday, actor Russell Crowe argued he ought to be allowed to transport the device on board a Virgin Australia flight - though the airline disagreed.

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