NASA Mars Mission Receives $55 Million To Build Deep Space Habitat


NASA has been given the all clear to power ahead with further preparation for deep space exploration.

In other words, our mission to Mars has become a little more exciting.

According to Space News, a U.S. government report instructs the space agency to spend at least $55 million on a “habitation augmentation module.”

This would essentially be a place where astronauts, exploring Mars or any other part of space, can live.

The Orion spacecraft, which is expected to take the explorers to the red planet, is not all that big.

Popular Science estimates its diameter is equivalent to that of a pickup truck.

The bill gives NASA a deadline, stating: “NASA shall develop a prototype deep space habitation module within the advanced exploration systems program no later than 2018."

The agency are yet to outline details for how the money will be spent.

However, they have 180 days since the bill became law on December 18, to come up with a plan.

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