One In 10 Card Payments Contactless As Shoppers Go Hi-Tech

One in every 10 card payments we make is now contactless, according to figures from a trade body.

In October, 10.3% of all card transactions were made using "tap and go" contactless technology, marking the first time the 10% milestone has been passed, the UK Cards Association said.

In September, 8.9% of card payments were contactless - and a year ago just 3.7% of card payments were made with a single swipe against a reader at the till.

Some 120.5 million contactless card payments took place across the UK in October, with a total of £929.8 million spent during the month in this way.

The average value of a contactless payment has increased to £7.72, up from £7.35 in September.

The upswing comes after the maximum limit for a single contactless transaction was increased in September to £30, from £20 previously.

Richard Koch, head of policy at the UK Cards Association, said: "With one in 10 card payments now contactless, it's clearly the preferred way to pay for millions of consumers.

"The rise in the contactless limit to £30 earlier this year means there are now even more opportunities to make a fast, easy and secure contactless payment."

Meanwhile, Barclaycard said that its data shows that contactless spending in service stations, pubs and bars has nearly doubled since August, as the higher £30 contactless limit has enabled more people to pay in this way.

Paul Lockstone, managing director at Barclaycard said: "We're expecting 2016 to be another recording-breaking year for contactless."