British Man Arrested At Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport For 'Shouting Bomb Threats In Check-In Queue

A Dutch airport terminal was evacuated when a British man was arrested after reportedly shouting bomb threats at a check-in queue.

The line of people at Terminal 3 of Amsterdam's Schiphol airport was evacuated for around 30 minutes as the 29-year-old man was detained by police, The Press Association reports.

Reports say that the man shouted out that he was carrying a bomb.

Journalist Remy van Mannekes tweeted a photo, taken by an unknown eyewitness, that apparently shows the moment the man was arrested by armed police pointing their weapons at him.

Muhammad Syafiee tweeted shortly after the incident at 8am on Friday: "Schiphol Airport on lockdown after some scare or alleged gunshots were heard. We actually ran for our lives."

A spokeswoman at the airport said: "The 29-year-old British man was arrested at around 8am.

"It was only the one check-in line that had to be evacuated for maximum half an hour - if that. Security control remained open as it is located further away.

"He was taken away by the police."