'Star Wars' Legend Carrie Fisher Calls Out US Journalist Who Suggested She 'Should Quit Acting' If She Doesn't Want Her Appearance To Be Judged

Carrie Fisher had the perfect response to a US journalist, who suggested that she should “quit acting” if she can’t handle comments about her appearance.


The ‘Star Wars’ actor recently took the opportunity to silence her critics on social media, who were quick to point out that in ‘The Force Awakens’, Carrie’s Princess Leia character looks noticeably different to the way she did in the original trilogy.

It’s almost as if they were released 30 years apart or something. Oh, right...

Carrie Fisher at the 'Star Wars' premiere

Carrie’s (frankly, amazing) response that people could “blow” her if they have a problem with her appearance prompted an article in the New York Post, telling her that she should “quit acting” if she isn’t prepared to put up with her appearance being criticised.

“Far from being bitter about this, she and other actresses who profited nicely from their looks should be grateful they had a turn at the top.”

If you want to have a quick pause to roll your eyes for a minute and a half feel free.

All done? OK, let’s continue.

Carrie Fisher, being Carrie Fisher, was having none of that, of course, and publicly called out the writer on her Twitter page.

Ok, I quit acting. NOW,can I not like being judged for my looks?Tell me what to do & who to be, oh wise New York post columnist.u GENIUS 🎓🤓🙃

— Carrie Fisher (@carrieffisher) December 31, 2015


It’s not just Carrie Fisher’s comments about body-shaming that have had us in awe of her during the promo trail for ‘The Force Awakens’, though.

And, of course, we still can’t get enough of her adorable dog, Gary, who has been at her side at interviews all over the globe while she promotes the film.


'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' European Premiere

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