7 New Year's Beauty Resolutions To Keep This Year

7 New Year's Beauty Resolutions To Keep This Year

2017 is here and it's time for those inevitable New Year's resolutions...

But if you're already planning on breaking them all, don't panic! One of the easiest ways not to stray is by starting with the small things - like your beauty routine.

Whether you're a massive makeup hoarder or a newbie to the game, here are the 7 new year's beauty resolutions we all need to stick to:

1. I will take my makeup off before bed.

No exceptions. Even when you're really drunk (or just can't be bothered). Pro tip: the better your makeup remover, the less effort it takes.

2. I will throw away any out of date products.

Plus the ones that don't suit your skin type and that weird coloured eyeshadow you're never going to use. Offer all those in-date, but un-loved, products to family and friends.

3. I will clean my makeup brushes every week.

A thorough clean once a week and a quick spot clean after use will keep bacteria at bay. Regularly sharpen your pencils and freshen-up palettes with an antibacterial makeup spray.

4. I will commit to a skincare routine.

Because those expensive products you most probably already own work a a lot better when you use them every day.

5. I will stop squeezing spots.

Possibly the hardest one of all, but try a topical salicylic acid treatment instead (trust us, they work a lot better than toothpaste).

6. I will remember that beauty comes from within.

A nutrient-rich diet and skin-boosting supplements will give you glowing skin much quicker than that pricey new 'miracle' cream.

7. I will stop comparing my looks to others.

Focus on being the best version of yourself, because there's no one else quite like you - and that's beautiful.


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