01/01/2016 00:01 GMT | Updated 31/12/2016 05:12 GMT

The Voice Judges All Moved To Tears Except Will.I.Am Who 'Toughened Up'

Every judge on The Voice cried during filming for this year's show - except

The BBC show is fronted by long-standing judge, Ricky Wilson for a second time, and new judges Paloma Faith and Boy George.

Pointing to co-judge Paloma Faith during the show's launch event, Boy George reported: "She cried."

Pop star Faith, 34, admitted: "I've cried several times. But so's George. Ricky (Wilson) cries all the time." said: I didn't cry this year. I toughened up this year."

Black Eyed Peas star, 40, has previously been moved to tears by the contestants, crying in 2014 when Liz Oki sang George Michael's A Different Corner.

There was controversy during filming for the latest series, when Boy George reportedly made Faith cry as they bickered over a contestant. 

At the time, he told Digital Spy: "First of all, nobody makes anyone cry, crying is a personal choice.

"And Paloma's gorgeous, I worship and adore her.

"And we had a right laugh about it afterwards."

Addressing the future of the music industry, told the Press Association: "News flash. I know people that have number ones that are number 1,000 the very next year.

"It's about sustainability - how can you sustain your career, right?

"So everyone's yapping and yapping about this and that, and as a show producing superstars ... I'm trying to get these contestants to stay at it, be relentless."

Boy George, 54, who rose to fame with 80s band Culture Club, said: "Careers aren't like they were in the 80s.

"Back in the 80s it was kind of more simple ... you got played on the radio, you went in the charts, it was simple.

"Now, none of that exists.

"So if you're an artist now you have to really be more than just the performer.

"You have to be a business person, you have to be a producer, you have to really have great tenacity, and you have to really want it.

"It's not like it used to be, it's not as simple any more."

The series, which will be the BBC's last before The Voice moves to ITV, features blind auditions as singers try to win over the judges - who have their backs turned and must decide if they like what they hear enough to turn around.

On her first series as a judge, Faith said: "I just feel really impressed.

"I feel really impressed by the fact that there are people on there that you can't believe you haven't heard of already."

She added: "We're all equally as easily pleased and difficult to impress, because our taste is so specific and so personal to us.

"I sometimes at times have been like - will's turning to someone, and I'm like - what is he doing?

"I have no idea why he's done it.

"And same with me or George or Ricky.

"And then it just somehow, after they've worked with someone, you're like, 'Oh! They saw something in them that I didn't see'."

:: The Voice begins on January 9 2016.