Footage Of Isis Fighters Shows Violent Life Of Woman Believed To Be Mother Of 'Jihadi Junior'


This revealing video shows the British woman whose small child is believed to be the little boy who appeared in Islamic State's latest propaganda video.

The footage, originally broadcast in 2013 by Channel 4 News, shows Londoner Grace 'Khadijah' Dare after she travelled to Syria, where she married a jihadi.

Her son bears a striking physical resemblance to the boy who appears at the end of the latest IS video. The little boy says in broken English that IS will kill "non believers", after five men are filmed being shot in the head for allegedly spying on the group.

Channel 4 News re-published the footage on Monday after people began to speculate that the boy is Ms Dare's son, because of the physical resemblance to a picture she posted of her child last year.

In the footage taken in Idlib province, Syria, she says she could not find a husband in Britain who was "willing to sacrifice their life in this world for life in the hereafter, for best in the hereafter in fact".

She is standing next to the jihadi she wed, Abu Bakr, after arriving in Syria, who is holding the boy.

Ms Dare with her husband, holding her son (above) and the boy who appeared in the IS propaganda video (below)

Ms Dare's father Henry Dare told The Daily Telegraph that the boy in the new video is his grandson.

"I was surprised when I saw the picture. It's definitely him. Of course I'm worried but there's nothing I can do now," he told the paper.

"I'm not angry - I would never have expected it. I just hope someone is trying to bring them back."

He added: "I said [the police] should watch her. She was a Christian, she went to the local Roman Catholic school.

"She was Christian until she changed. She fell under the influence of some people when she was going to the Mosque. She was very observant."

In the Channel 4 News footage, Ms Dare, who describes herself as "Maryam", fires weapons including an assault rifle and tells her husband he must fight to "liberate the whole country".

She calls for other Muslims to follow her, saying they must "stop being selfish" by focusing on their "families or studies".

The footage was shot by film maker Bilal Abdul Kareem, an American Muslim convert who lived among western jihadi fighters and their families inside Syria.

At the end of the clip, Abu Bakr reveals his wife is pregnant and says "Inshallah it will be a boy," to which Ms Dare says: "Inshallah."

Meanwhile, the security services are analysing the latest video to identify the British-accented, masked executioner.

In the clip, he says: "How strange it is that a leader of a small island threatens us with a handful of planes. One would have thought you would have learned the lessons of your pathetic master in Washington and his failed campaign against the Islamic State. But it seems like you, just like your predecessors Blair and Brown are just as arrogant and foolish."

Five men, dressed in orange suits, are then executed for allegedly spying on IS. They are made to kneel and then shot in the head.

The 'British' jihadi as he appears in the video

The media have already dubbed him a successor to Jihadi John, the previous British executioner, who was revealed to be Mohammed Emwazi. He was killed in November in a drone strike.

Professor Jane Setter, professor of phonetics at the University of Reading, said the executioner used an accent known as Multicultural London English (MLE) which is common among younger people in London.

But, she added, he uses fewer aspects of the MLE accent than Emwazi, which led her to suspect he either grew up in the UK, arrived at a younger age then Emwazi (who came to Britain aged six) or has spoken English for longer.

She said: "This is similar to the accent of Mohammed Emwazi... Among other features of his speech, he pronounces a 'th' sound as a 'd', for example saying 'dis' rather than 'this', and his vowels in words like 'planes' and 'today' sound less like an 'ay' and more like an 'e' sound.

"However, unlike Jihadi John, he has a clear 'L' sound at the end of words like 'people' and 'imbecile' - a feature which is not that common in British accents, but is heard in Welsh and in Indian English, for example. He also has a rather strongly affricated 't' as the end of some words like 'state' - almost an 's' after the final 't' - but not in all cases."

Prof Setter said the executioner's speech was "closer in many ways" to Southern Standard British English and "much less syllable-timed than Emwazi as far as speech rhythm is concerned".

She added: "I also note that, unlike the Jihadi John video, the movements of the speaker's jaw are much more discernible. This leads me to believe he is most likely speaking live and not that the masked face has been overdubbed later.

"Of course, detailed forensic analysis would be needed to verify these conclusions."

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