Labour Feminists Letting Jeremy Corbyn Get Away With Misogyny, Says Jess Phillips

Labour Feminists Letting Corbyn Get Away With Misogyny, Says MP

Feminists in the Labour Party are letting Jeremy Corbyn get away with "low level" misogyny, according to one MP.

Jess Phillips told BBC Newsnight on Monday evening the Labour leader needed to promote more women to top jobs in the party.

"What I think is more worrying about the culture in the Labour party is very leftwing feminists are putting up with a lot more than they would of from any other man because Jeremy Corbyn is saying it," she said.

"Had Tony Blair not given any of top jobs to the women - had that same make-up of his team existed - people would rightly have been up in arms."

The Birmingham Yardley MP added: "But it's sort of a bit like some people in the Labour Party are accepting low-level non-violent misogyny because it's Jeremy doing it."

With Corbyn currently reshuffling his shadow cabinet, Phillips also used Twitter to encourage him to ensure two of the four most senior positions went to women.

Speaking to Newsnight, Labour's former deputy leader Harriet Harman also said the party should never again have a man in both the leader and deputy leader positions.

Harman said: "We can't have a men-only leadership when we are party for women and equality. "Women expect to see men and women working together and we can't have an all-male leadership again and therefore we need to change the rules."

Phillips also said she would consider running for the leadership of the party one day. "I would consider doing it a long time in the future," she said.

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