'Making A Murderer': 9 Things Not In The Netflix Show That You Need To Know (SPOILERS)

Netflix original 'Making a Murderer' has become a phenomenon in a matter of weeks and is shining an intensely bright spotlight on the state of the US legal system.

The 10-part documentary detailing Steven Avery's release from jail after being wrongly convicted of a violent sexual assault, only to then be dubiously convicted of a murder, has also gripped audiences around the world.

Steven Avery

The thought that an innocent man could possibly be sat in jail, framed by law enforcement officials for a crime he didn't commit has prompted not only shock but an army of online sleuths, all trying to establish the truth.

The reaction - including a petition to the White House to pardon Avery - has also unsurprisingly induced some of those involved in the prosecution to speak out in defence of the handling of the case.

All of this combined has highlighted a number of points that were not in the original documentary...

Ken Kratz claims key evidence was deliberately left out of the series

9 Things Not In 'Making A Murderer' That You Need To Know About