Pregnancy Diet: How Many Extra Calories Do You Need To Grow A Baby

The UK's Chief Medical Officer recently warned that the idea pregnant women should be 'eating for two' is a myth that urgently needs to be busted.

But you do need to give your body some extra nutrition while pregnant - it is busy growing a human after all - so just how many extra calories do you need during pregnancy?

According to research by the Journal of Tropical Pediatrics and the American Pregnancy Association, pregnant women's calorie intake needs seems to increase by about 300 extra calories a day: that's the equivalent of three tablespoons of peanut butter. Watch the video above from D News to learn more.

But the NHS is even more cautious in it's recommendations: suggesting pregnant women increase their intake by 200 calories per day - and only in the third trimester.

According to dietician Sasha Watkins 200 calories a day is equivalent to:

  • A small toasted pitta filled with a tablespoon of reduced fat hummus and grated carrot, followed by three dried apricots
  • A low fat yogurt with six almonds
  • Two slices of wholegrain bread with a tablespoon of cottage cheese
Eating For Two: Pregnancy Cravings