Drummond Puddle Leaves Thousands In Awe As Persicope Details Epic Journey Of Walkers Through Park

It's happened - we've reached peak internet.

Live footage of pedestrians walking along a footpath blocked by a large puddle has fixated over 300,000 people - and counting.

Social media users from around the world are in utter awe.

A yellow 'don't slip' sign has even comically been placed, taken away and then replaced at intervals in the saga that has now reached its 30th minute.

Top work indeed.

The now famous puddle has attracted a fair bit of commentary - as the whole country braces itself to watch the first unlucky pedestrian fall into it.

Office workers huddled round screens in scenes reminiscent of watching a Christmas film with your family.

They jubilated when someone decided to take the joke to new heights and bring a lilo.

The prankster posted a selfie mid-drift.

While spectators looked on in utter awe.

Online, most people just offered up some hilarious commentary.

A U.S. NBA basketball team - the Detroit Pistons - even piled in on the joke.

We'll update you when someone jumps in, clad in swimming costume and full diving gear.

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