Why You Should Be Using Coconut Oil

The coconut may be the latest fruit to gain superfood status courtesy of its mineral-packed water, but it's time for its oil to take centre stage.

Once shunned for its high levels of saturated fat, it's now being cited for boosting metabolism, keeping you feeling fuller for longer, brightening teeth and strengthening immunity.

Extracted from the meat of the fruit, coconut oil can now be found in everything from salads and smoothies to beauty balms and hair treatments.

Its moisturising properties and antioxidants has made it a popular addition to beauty buys, make up removers and anti-ageing products. Not only does it brighten skin tone but its antibacterial components and antioxidants will help calm breakouts too.

A great vegan substitute for butter, coconut oil has taken over the kitchen too. But take note, the taste of coconut oil can be overpowering, so a little in salad dressings, soups and baking will go a long way.

See below for the best ways to use coconut oil