New Zealand's National Parks Captured In Stunning Photo Series

These Breathtaking Images Will Take Your View Of New Zealand To Another Level

A photographer who went travelling in New Zealand has come back with a stunning series of images showing off the country's national parks.

Johan Lolos began his year-long journey in 2015 and came back with breathtaking views of mountains, lakes and fjords.

Travelling over 15,000 miles to get his shots, he said: "What I saw in New Zealand blew my mind.

"Not only did I find some pure wilderness I've never seen before, but also a true paradise for any outdoors enthusiasts and of course any landscape and travel photographers.

"Not to mention some of the friendliest people I've ever met. Kiwi people are one of a kind!"

What you're about to see will give you wanderlust of the worst kind.

Lake Gunn, Fiordland National Park

Stunning Images Of New Zealand's National Parks

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