David Bowie Dead: We Remember 10 Moments That Sealed Forever The Thin White Duke's Iconic Status

The shocking news of David Bowie's death has brought home the enormous scope of his unique stamp on pop culture over the past six decades.

The huge range of fans paying tribute to him and his work today reflect the diverse nature of his creative adventure, which took him into fields of music, art, film and theatre, as well as his own greatest work - personal style and attitude.

For every fan who still cherishes the memory of Ziggy Stardust, there will be one who thinks of the distinctive riffs of Nile Rodgers at work on Bowie's great pop anthem 'Let's Dance', or his thrilling one-off duet with Queen on 'Under Pressure'.

Here is our most spontaneous collection of the 10 moments that helped define David Bowie as a pop pioneer without equal, on the understanding that, for each of these, there will be many others we could mention... We salute you, Star Man!

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